President's Report

Hi PSN community and welcome to the July edition of Permibytes.

There's a lot going on at the moment, with the Pruning Workshop being hosted by the Ku-ring-gai Local Group on Saturday, and the Chook Forum being hosted by the Hornsby Local Group on Sunday, and then there's the Sustain Natural and Organic Lifestyle Show happening the following weekend (see article below to find out how to get involved).

We've got a fabulous speaker, Geoff Cameron, from Beyond Zero Emissions coming to talk at the monthly meeting on Monday night. Ryde Local Group is in the process of organising a local garden tour for members and their guests in August. This will be great opportunity for those who were busy opening up their own gardens to the public on National Permaculture Day, to get around and have a sticky beak and what other people in the community are doing in their gardens.

In the background, the Management Committee has been busy, and are very appreciative to Barry Hadaway for all his hard work in revamping the PSN constitution, which will be available for comment on the website before the week is out. Please read Barry's article below about why the changes to the constitution are necessary.

I'd also like to publicly thank my boss, Keith Tracey from Low Energy Supplies and Services, who kindly donated a large desk and a laser printer with full toner cartridges that wasn't being used in our office, to the new PSN office.

And finally, among all this good news, we have some sad news. Andrea Pape, current Local Groups Coordiantor, PSN president for 2010/11, and Garden Team Leader prior to that, is leaving us to go and live in Melbourne at the end of the July.

Andrea was instrumental in getting the PSN web site up and running, which, as well as being able to display content, allows people to join PSN, renew and register for events online. This one achievement alone has significantly reduced the administrative burden for the Membership Secretary, Local Group Coordinators (LGCs), and Team Leaders (TLs). This is especially true after Andrea, together with Tom Davis (Comms Team Leader) and I ran training sessions to teach our LGCs and TLs how to use the system to their best advantage. Congratulations to those who have put their new skills into practice!

Andrea also set up the very popular and active Facebook Group now proudly boasting 266 members. So thank you Andrea for all your hard work and vibrant energy you've given to PSN over the years. We wish you well in your new life and future endevours down in Victoria!

All the best,


PSN Monthly Meeting - Monday 16 July 2012 @ 7:30pm

Please join us on Monday 16th July with guest speaker Geoff Cameron from Beyond Zero Emissions (

Beyond Zero Emissions is an independent NGO, established with a goal to transform Australia from a 19th century fossil fuel based economy to a 21st century renewable powered clean tech economy.

Through the Zero Carbon Australia project BZE is researching climate solutions that are in line with the science. The Zero Carbon Australia project will incorporate transition plans covering the 6 sectors of energy, buildings, transport, land use, industrial processes and coal exports.

BZE is engaging, educating and inspiring the community with real and positive solutions to climate change.

7pm for a 7:30 start.

Please remember to bring your own coffee mug and join us for supper and a chat afterwards.
PSN requests a $5 donation for non-members to attend.

Doors open at 7pm. Lindfield Community Centre, 259 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield. Just a few minutes walk from Lindfield railway station.

Don't Forget to BYO Mug

Please bring your own reusable mug/cup to all meetings.

PSN Monthly Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Doors open at 7pm. Lindfield Community Centre, 259 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield. Just a few minutes walk from Lindfield railway station.
Sustain Expo

The 2012 Sustain Expo is just around the corner and PSN has a 120 square meter display and speakers/workshop area where Costa, Indira Naidoo, and our very own Selena Griffith will be presenting.
This year the expo is being held at the Royal Hall of Industries (Moore Park). Bump in (set up) is on Thursday 19th July, and the show is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In return for volunteering for a half day, you recieve your entry into the expo for free (valued at $18).

If you'd like to help out, share your love and knowledge of Permaculture, and promote local sustainable solutions to global challenges, please let us know your availabilities / preferences by filling out this online spreadhseet. Put your name / comments / contact details next to any/all slots you are available to commit to. Put in as many options as you can so that if we need to accomodate more people we have options to shuffle around.

Note, you do not need to log in or have a Google account. Anyone can access it. If you don't feel comfortable putting up your contact details, just put your name and any comments in, and email

Also, if anyone has any productive, potted plants that they wouldn't mind loaning for the display, please get in touch.

Hope to see you there!
Developing a new Constitution for PSN

Why we need to change PSN’s Constitution?

At the June monthly meeting I spoke about the need to update PSN’s constitution. This is an important subject as our constitution is the basic document that guides our activities as an organisation.
The legal environment in which PSN, and other incorporated organisations, operates changes over time. Some of these changes are minor, such as changes to the names of relevant legislation to which our constitution refers.

Other legislative changes have occurred, which require higher standards of governance and these necessitate more significant changes to our constitution.

Our existing constitution does not adequately protect member privacy and this needs to be addressed by establishing limits to the information held in the register of members that may be accessed by members.

Our existing constitution does not include all of the circumstances that can lead to a casual vacancy on the Management Committee that are now defined in the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

Our existing constitution lacks an effective process for resolving disputes.

Also, PSN’s own internal processes and procedures have been changing and some of these changes need to be reflected in our constitution. For example:
  • Our existing constitution needs to be changed every time we change the annual subscription and this is a very cumbersome way of having our members endorse subscription changes.
  • Our existing constitution makes no provision for 5 year memberships.
  • PSN has 7 Honorary Members but our constitution does not recognise Honorary Members.
PSN has now been incorporated for 20 years and has matured as an organisation. Some of the provisions of the original constitution deal with transitional arrangements relating to the transfer of members from a pre-incorporation organisation to a newly incorporated organisation. Such transitional arrangements are no longer needed in our constitution.

PSN with its Teams and Local Groups has a more sophisticated structure than most incorporated community organisations and there are governance issues arising from having such a structure, which should be addressed in the constitution.

When PSN was incorporated 20 years ago a brief statement of the associations Objects was included on the registration application form. These objects were not included in the constitution and hence have remained invisible to members. It is appropriate at this time, as we celebrate our 20th year of operation that PSN review and restate its Objects and include these in its constitution.

In 2012, PSN’s 20th anniversary year, it is appropriate that our constitution be fully updated and PSN be given a firm foundation to carry it forward for the next 20 years.

What changes are proposed and what is the process?

It is proposed that the constitution be altered to address all of the above issues plus many more.
I have been working on this project with considerable support from the Management Committee for several months. Hundreds of hours of effort have gone into refining the wording of a new constitution. The management committee will soon be in a position to endorse the proposed new constitution and to make it available to members.

The process that will be followed in seeking member approval is as follows:
  1. The Management Committee approves the wording of the proposed new PSN constitution
  2. The new constitution will be loaded onto to the website for members to read, and if they wish to do so, to make comment
  3. A comparison document that shows the provisions of the existing and new constitutions side by side and provides an explanation of the purpose of every proposed change will be loaded onto the PSN website for members to read
  4. The existing constitution will be loaded onto the PSN website alongside the proposed new constitution and the comparison document.
  5. After a period for member review and comment and any further refinement of the proposed new constitution based on member input, appropriate notice will be given of a Special General Meeting. At this meeting, which will precede a normal monthly PSN meeting, members will be asked to vote on a resolution to adopt the new constitution. A proxy form will be made available to all members to allow them to vote even if they are unable to attend the Special General Meeting in person.
Barry Hadaway
Advocacy Team Leader

PSN’s Management Committee has developed an Advertising Policy, which will provide guidance for members as to what advertising can be undertaken through PSN’s various communication channels.

Our existing communication channels are:
  • PSN Monthly Meetings
  • PSN Website Home Page
  • E-Newsletter - issued monthly
  • What’s On - website page
  • Noticeboard - website page
  • Members Forum - website page
  • PSN Facebook Page
We also have the capacity to create a Business Directory (a PSN ‘Yellow Pages’) on the PSN website.
The Advertising Policy has been developed from the draft Business Member Policy, which was circulated to all PSN members for comment on 30 November 2011. The draft Advertising Policy incorporates PSN member feedback and suggestions.

One important item of feedback was that members felt it wasn’t necessary to create a Business Member category of membership. People felt that introducing a new category of member would create unwarranted complexity. It was considered that PSN could equally well support members with existing businesses and those seeking to establish new Permaculture or other businesses simply by making it clear what advertising may be undertaken through each communication channel.

Another important item of feedback was that some people felt that PSN should not charge for advertising. Revenue raising was never an objective of the draft Business Member Proposal. Rather the draft sought to simply recover any costs that PSN might incur. The Management Committee has considered this matter and has decided that no fees for advertising will be charged at this stage.

The Management Committee sees the Advertising Policy as:
  • A positive response to the new advertising opportunities available through PSN’s expanded communication channels
  • A way of helping members with Permaculture or other businesses make people aware of the products and services which can be obtained from fellow members
  • A structured framework for advertising which should ensure all members with businesses have an equal opportunity to advertise.
  • An advertising framework which will enhance member awareness of the many Permaculture and sustainability related courses, products, services, workshops & events that are available
The Advertising Policy has been loaded onto the PSN website for members to view. To access the Advertising Policy simply log into the Members Only section and go to Policies and Procedures.

The Management Committee will in the near future be asking all members if they operate a business and if they would like a free listing in the PSN Business Directory.

Barry Hadaway
Advocacy Team Leader

August Permabee - Sunday 19 August, 2012
Location: Santa Rosa Park, Quarry Road, Ryde

The August permabee will be helping the Habitat Network install a food garden in a new community nursery being established at Santa Rosa Park.

The initial plans for the project commenced in 2008 with a vision to establish a community native plant nursery and food garden to demonstrate and teach people about the environment and sustainability.

It has taken the group some years to get funding, approval from Council and the area re-categorised as "Community Open Space". Construction of the nursery will commence on 9 July. The Habitat Network plan to have the nursery and food garden up and running by the end of August for the official opening in October.

If you are interested in taking part in this important project, please register on our website or email Deborah Alderton at

In order to help get the community food garden up and running with a flourish it would be great if PSN members could bring along some seedlings and start collecting newspapers – plenty will be needed.

Garden Team Report - June Permabee at Kay's Property in Hornsby

A couple of years ago the garden team helped Kay transform her backyard into a wonderful permaculture garden. In June 2012, the garden team pitched in to help Kay with the front garden.

Kay had encountered a few problems with water coming off her driveway and path and pooling up against the front patio. The drive had a downward tilt towards the front of the house and patio. So the weekend before the permabee, Kay hired a bobcat and driver to attempt to re-grade the driveway to slope away from the direction of the house and towards a new garden bed that the garden team put in on the day of the permabee. At the same time, we made use of the bobcat to dig a swale on the other side of the proposed new garden bed. The plan was to slow down the water to prevent the pooling and to provide the new garden bed with the benefit of water from both the swale and the re-grading of the drive. The bobcat driver also put in place some heavy old railway sleepers to form a new vegetable bed at the side of Kay’s property and removed a small ornamental tree so that Kay could put in a small habitat pond.

After a week of unbelievable rain, the sun came out for the big day and 22 keen, eager and talented PSN members turned out to tackle some interesting challenges. The water for one, following such continuous and heavy rain, had left the soil – mainly clay on a sandstone bed – completely saturated. So the swale was partly re-shaped and re-dug to become a diversion swale to allow some run-off to help the soil drain. The area near the patio was raised with a sandy loam mix and directed to slope away from the house and patio, towards a bed the team built up with sleepers and native grass to contain and support the drive.

Geotech material was added to the drive and some particularly water-logged areas to provide some structure and further support. Soil was added to complete the new raise garden bed that was placed between the drive and the swale. This bed will later be planted up with fruit trees. The whole area was then heavily mulched.

The new vegetable bed was also planted out with seedlings and mulched with lucerne. Finally the pond was dug, a protective base of geotech material and shade cloth laid, and the waterproof lining put in place. Bricks were placed around the edge to hold everything in place until the sandstone edging is laid. As the sun went down and the pond was filled with water, Kay put water plants in the pond and threw in a few handfuls of azola.

What a day! A fantastic achievement by all and Kay and I would like to thank everyone who helped make it such a special event.

Seed Savers Monthly Meet with Peter Pezzolesi

Seed Savers meet on the 4th Saturday of every month from 9am-12 noon at the Bidjiwong Community Nursery in Baulkham Hills. (Rear of Ted Horwood Reserve carpark, off Renown Rd, opposite the sports club).

All PSN members are welcome. You'll meet great people, learn a lot about cleaning seed, propagating, how to recognise and save seeds, heaps of growing tips and herbal remedies from Robyn and other knowledgeable people.

We can share our seeds with you and would love for you to share some of your special heirloom seeds with us.

Peter Pezzolesi
Seed Savers Co-ordinator
Phone 0412 817 605

Advocacy Report by Barry Hadaway

Sydney Metropolitan Strategy

At the June PSN Meeting I spoke about the consultation process that is being undertaken as a first step in the development of a new Metropolitan Strategy. The new Metropolitan Strategy will determine how Sydney develops over the next 20 years. A number of consultation sessions were held at local libraries in June and Rosemary and I attended one of these at Parramatta on 13 June 2012.

The Department of Planning staff running the consultation session attempted to structure the session by asking people to answer a number of questions. These questions were:
  • What’s great about Sydney?
  • Where should jobs be located?
  • What kind of job do you want to have?
  • What do you want more of?
  • How can we improve your commute?
  • How important is it to live within walking distance of shops, restaurants, schools, etc?
  • How can we improve your community?
  • What are the key issues for housing?
  • How can we protect the environment in our every day lives?
  • How can we encourage you to use public transport more?
Some of these questions have relevance to urban planning but many important issues are not being considered. There appears to be no recognition of the coming impact of peak oil. There seems to be little concern for food security. The discussion paper, Sydney over the next 20 years states that Sydney will have to accommodate 1.3 million additional people over the next 20 years. This seems nonsensical when the State government has already had to build a desalination plant because we don’t have enough water to support our existing population.

The existing Sydney Metropolitan Strategy developed under the previous Labor government was a clear failure in terms of its own key performance measures. The liveability of Sydney has been deteriorating according to international surveys. Inequity has grown due to housing unaffordability. Sydney is now the 3rd most expensive city for housing across all of Australia, the US, the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and Ireland (see here). The environmental footprint of Sydney has grown enormously partly due to a small increase in average footprint but largely due to rapid population growth.
Submissions in response to the discussion paper closed on 29 June 2012.

A submission was made on behalf of PSN members and a copy was placed on the PSN Noticeboard on 3 July 2012.

Unfortunately it appears that very few individuals or organisations are participating in the consultation process. A report by Peter Mares, “Planning policy repairs demand public support”, in the Sydney Morning Herald June 30- July 1 2012, indicated that only about 50 responses had been received. When you consider that all of the major developers would certainly be telling the government what they want, public submissions must be pretty thin on the ground.

Permaculture is a design system and philosophy for creating sustainable agricultural systems and communities. One of the core strategies identified by permie's to prepare for peak oil and at the same time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is relocalisation.

The way I see things we cannot practise permaculture in isolation from issues of urban form and urban planning.

There will be further opportunities for PSN and PSN members to input to the new Sydney Metropolitan Strategy and we can all talk to our local State MP’s about the subject and tell them they should be concerned about food security, water security, peak oil and sustainability in general. When these future opportunities arise I would encourage everyone to have a say and to let the government know one way or another they care about the future direction of the city in which we all live.


Carbon Tax and Electricity Price Increases

One of the best things about being involved in advocacy is that it forces me to do a bit of research and to think a bit more deeply about issues. Hopefully, by doing these things one can achieve a little insight into what is driving changes in our society and what changes are good and what are bad from a permaculture perspective.

Having tried to adopt this approach I am continually appalled by the shallowness of debate over key issues in Australia. The media are particularly guilty as they never seem to ask anything but superficial populist questions.

The current discussion around electricity price rises illustrates this problem. What has actually happened with electricity prices over recent years? My supplier is Integral Energy and the following table shows how prices have risen.

Note 1: Persons subscribing to Green Energy will pay a premium on top of the above prices per KwHr depending on the percentage of green energy they choose.

So what have we been told? Media reports I have heard have stated that the average increase in electricity prices at 1 July 2012 was 18% and that one half of this was due to the Carbon Tax.

Have a look at the prices you are paying on your bills. You may find, as I did, that the media reports are not accurate.

However, electricity prices have sky rocketed over the past 8 years. What has been driving these increases?

1. Network Expansion Costs

The biggest driver of cost increases is simply the need to fund continuing expansion of the network. The network needs to service more customers and needs to deliver more power. This applies to existing suburbs as well as to new areas. In Ryde a major new multi-million dollar substation was built recently in Buffalo Road to service the new Top Ryde shopping centre and the 500 home units that sit above the shops. Population growth is the driver of this source of electricity price increases.

2. Demand Management, Smart Networks versus Dumb Networks

Other western countries have been developing what is referred to as ‘smart’ networks that can protect themselves from failure by selective load shedding. NSW hasn’t gone down this path as it
might be politically unpopular to have a short interruption to power in a given area on a hot summer afternoon. The consequence of us choosing to retain a ‘dumb’ network is that we have to dimension everything for absolute peak demand – those hot summer days when people get home from work or from school and crank up the air-conditioners.

We have a network designed to cater for peaks that occur 10 or a dozen times a year. We don’t build roads to cater for peak hour traffic flows because it would be prohibitively expensive and a waste of resources but we are doing this in building our electricity network.

3. Corporatisation, Dividends and Network Maintenance Costs

Roughly 20 years ago the State government of the time ‘corporatised’ the electricity industry. This was supposedly to make electricity providers more efficient. Successive governments then proceeded to demand greater and greater dividends. The consequence was a cut back in expenditure on maintenance of the network. Next time you read about a fire in a sub-station think about the effect on your electricity price. The last one was at Edgecliff on 2 May 2012. We are now bearing price increases to overcome this legacy of deficient maintenance and we are paying more to allow the government to take even bigger dividends. In April 2012 the O’Farrell government announced it was seeking an additional $113 million in dividends from Endeavour Energy alone.

4. National Competition Policy

Have you been plagued by door knockers asking you to change your energy provider? A few years ago I had one knock on my door every second day. Things have quietened down a bit but they are still out there and guess what - you are paying to be annoyed by them. One of the most ill conceived policies of the Howard government was national completion policy. Political dogma says that competition is good therefore we have to have competition, even in what the economists call ‘natural monopolies’. Electricity supply is a natural monopoly as you only need one set of wires into your house, not half a dozen. Seeing that we couldn’t have real competition we ended up with pretend competition where the only things that changed were:

(a) You could receive a bill from an energy provider of your choice
(b) All energy providers experienced cost increases due to having to pay for door knockers and other advertising and from the cost of administering ‘customer churn’.
(c) Electricity prices had to go up to cover these extra costs.

5. Carbon Tax

Now we have a carbon tax that will add a small amount to electricity prices. Compared to the above factors the effect of the Carbon Tax is miniscule but do the media identify the other issues?
The main problem I have with the Carbon Tax is that because its effect is so small and because many people are being compensated it is not a sufficient measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Next time someone mentions electricity prices ask them if they understand what has been driving price rises?

Advocacy Team Meetings

This year the Advocacy Team is meeting on the first Tuesday of odd months. That is the first Tuesday in July, September and November. Meetings will be at 3 Yerong Street, Ryde unless otherwise advised, commencing at 7.30pm.

If you cannot make it to a meeting but you have an issue of concern please drop me an email at

Barry Hadaway - Advocacy Team Leader

Living Skills Workshop By Barbara Clark

North Sydney Council has kindly offered us the use of the Caretakers Cottage for our Living Skills Workshops. We met on Saturday afternoon to make padded IPad and Laptop bags for our very first use of the venue. It is a fantastic location and work area which has wonderful facilities and we look forward to having more Living Skills workshops there in the future.

Here are some of the comments from the participants of the workshop:

“I had a great time at the sewing workshop. I am a total novice and Marianna made everything seem so easy! I always stayed away from threads and needles, but now I think I might even attempt other projects in the not-too-distant future” – L Lumbe

“I brought in my own project (cushion covers for 3 ragged old cushions that I found on the side of the road) to ask for some guidance and advice. I'd purchased the fabric about 4 months ago and my Mum and I had got the covers about 1/2 finished, and then couldn't work out how to close them, finish them off and get them to sit nicely. By the end of the workshop all 3 covers are now almost complete... just requiring some big buttons as a finishing touch.

It was so great to have had somewhere to go and ask for and get advice and help, and to be able to work on my own project but with other people around working on their own projects - a truly lovely environment! And now I've got some fabulous upcycled cushions with a personal story in my lounge room” – M Unger

Keep the afternoon of the first Saturday in August free as we will be building a Quail Coup! This workshop will be run by Peter Wright. Venue to be advised closer to the date.
Permaculture Northern Beaches

Meeting June 28, 2012

Preserving Lemons & Seed Saving at our Winter Solstice Feast!

The June Permaculture Northern Beaches (PNB) meeting at the Tramshed kicked off with the Winter Solstice Feast. Members brought along an assortment of delicious food feast on including rhubarb pie, breads and damper, home-grown watermelon, salad, soup, dried fruit, fruit preserve and quince paste atop of crackers and cheese. There was also some mulled wine hot off the stove top to accompany the food!

After the feast and much chatter, all were seated. Announcements made included a run-down from Peter Kegal, the host of the next PermTour (9am Saturday 7 July, 2 Samuel Street, Mona Vale) about what to expect at his garden.

Then Chef Peter ‘Pez’ Pezzolesi, along with beautiful assistants Selena Griffith and her daughter, gave a presentation demonstrating how to preserve lemons. Peter used a sterilised jar, cut lemons and a large amount of salt which, once combined, will keep for quite some time. Following this, Peter talked to the group about seed saving. He brought the ‘seed bank’ along to the meeting and many people who attended left with some seed samples. During the Q & A section there was much discussion from all present, including constructive input from PNB committee members Selena Griffith and Donna Carey.

This meeting saw the introduction of the official ‘sharing table’ where those who attended brought seeds and cuttings to share, swap or sell. This included Lemonade fruits and Luffa.

Special mention to Chris Pothof for convening the meeting, in the absence of coordinator, Myriam Pitre, and assistant coordinator, Cameron Little.

By Madeleine Ford
Permaculture Northern Beaches PermaTours Team Leader

How to Make Preserved Lemons

A similar recipie to Peter Pezzolesi can be found here on the abc website.

Pez said the preserved lemons are great in Moroccan dishes. Only the preserved peel is used when it's time to cook with them. The pulp and flesh becomes very soft and is easily scraped away. Another tip is to avoid metal jar lids as the salt tends to cause rusting. Don't be afraid to experiment with various herbs or spices. Cloves and cinnamon sticks work well suggests Donna Carey.

Next Permabee

We will be heading to Jane Scammel's next weekend for a permabee at Seaforth. Jane has been a long time member and great contributor to our group. She recently had an accident travelling and needs some help getting the garden ready for spring. There will be pruning, weeding and clearing up to do. Address will be available soon.

Selena Griffith
Northern Beaches Permabees

Permaculture Northern Beaches Monthly Meeting

Thursday 26th July 2012

Growing Change is a documentary looks at one of the most exciting experiments in the world to grow a fair and sustainable food system. The film will be introduced by Fred Fuentes, who worked as a reporter in Venezuela from 2007-2010.
Please click here for further information and to reserve your place:
Bookings are essential as seating is limited.


What: Permaculture Northern Beaches Monthly Meeting
Venue: Lakeview Hall, Tramshed Arts & Community Centre, 1395a Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen
When: Thursday 26th July 2012
Times: Doors Open 7pm for a 7:30pm Screening
Suggested Donation: $5 PSN financial members / $10 Visitors
Bookings: Essential
Meeting concludes 9pm

PSN Facebook

Our facebook page is rocking! It's an excellent place for finding out what's going on in and around our area in a broader context.

Costa frequently posts here as do other well-known people and organisations.
You can interact with like minded permies to share ideas, pose questions, post interesting articles and find out what courses and events are happening in our region and around the world.

If you would like help in setting up a facebook login please email

Positions Vacant

We’d like to give all members the opportunity to help out and get involved in PSN activities, both as participants, position holders, team members and as casual helpers. We invite anyone interested in taking on the following roles to contact us at

Media Coordinator. We haven’t yet worked this out sufficiently, but we’re certainly interested in hearing from anyone that has skills in photography, videoing, putting together YouTube clips, optimising social media channels. This person would be part of the Communications team but is not a role on the Management Committee directly.

Willoughby & North Sydney Local Group Coordinators. If anyone is from these Council areas and would like to have a go at getting involved, please get in touch. You don’t have to have done this sort of thing before. In fact this year, the Management Committee is going to be investing a lot of energy into resourcing and mentoring our Local Group Coordinators to help them make their groups strong and influential within their local community, if they’re not already of course.

Just asking… Did you know that you, our members, are PSN’s most valuable resources? We know that some of you are worth your weight in gold, but what about all those people who we don’t know so well? Some people have family commitments, or difficulty in getting to meetings, or for whatever reason, we don’t see them or hear from them that often.

If you feel that you would like to get involved but don’t know exactly how, why don’t you let us know, and we can see how we can work that in with what’s going on?

Welcome new PSN members

A big welcome to all our new members since our June meeting.
Hornsby: Wei L, Victoria W, Steven L, & Barbara D
Ku-Ring-Gai: Hannah K & Annalisa M
Lane Cove: Ragna G
Northern Beaches: Vivienne D, Lisa M, Helen R, Anthony P, & Liz T,
Willoughby: Sarah M,
Other: Sera R & Jo L

For details on local group monthly meetings please refer to the noticeboard or email your local group coordinator or check out the new re-occuring events page (PSN diary) here. .

Worldwide Permaculture Network - Get yourself on the global map

The interactive database showcasing permaculture people and projects from around the world is live. If you practice permaculture, register and upload your profile, network with others, share inspiration, resources and support.

Words of Wisdom

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