Hornsby Group Monthly Meetings

In the spirit of building community PSN members of Hornsby group are encouraged to host one of the monthly meetings at their home or in their garden.

As the host you can select the topic/s of interest for that meeting.

This can be an area that you have an interest or skills to share or something you would like others to discuss and provide information.

  • ·        The host selects the month (dates are listed in recurring events – 
                (usually 1st Sunday of the month, however, this date can be changed if we give sufficient notice).

                The preference is to have the monthly meetings listed well in advance on the web site to maximise attendees.

  • ·        The host can specify maximum number of attendees.
  • ·        The host can request attendees bring a cushion or chair.
  • ·        The duration is usually two hours from 2pm to 4pm but this can be varied half hour either side if required.

It is customary for attendees to bring a snack to share and their own mug for afternoon tea.

If you would like to host a meeting please send an email with;

Date or Dates available to be host

No. of attendees you can comfortably accomodate


Your full name

Your address

Contact No.

Any special requests

Any photos that can highlight the topic

To: brenda@greengardener.com.au        Brenda Debenham

I am the volunteer communicator for our group 

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