PSN Permabee & XMAS Lunch & Pickle Swap - December 17 - Hornsby

  • 17 Dec 2017
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Address provided with event registration
  • 7


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Mini Permabee & Xmas Lunch & Pickle Swap - December 17 - Hornsby

This is a mini Permabee - because we are not going back to work after lunch!! 

Cat and Chris has kindly offered to host the Permabee Xmas lunch this year. 

It's been a busy year in terms of Permabees and we have worked on many permie gardens throughout the north shore. Now it's time to kick back and celebrate.


Lunch will be provided, but in the spirit of sharing - bring a Xmas plate/drink to share for lunch. Because it's not a Xmas lunch unless everyone walks away looking like Santa Claus. 


We will also be trialing a pickle swap!

The idea is everyone bring along homemade pickles, chutneys, jams, preserves, or liquors, etc for swapping. As long as it is homemade and can last a while in the pantry you can swap it =) 

Bring at least 1 jar to open and for everyone to taste and the rest to swap!  

So if you bring along 5 - you end up with 4 jars of variety from everyone else. It's a wonderful way to try different homemade goods, share recipes, stock your pantry and serve something different on Christmas Day!

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