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Permaculture Thought Leaders

 David Holmgren
 Geoff Lawton

Permaculture Institutes

The Permaculture Research Institute
Permaculture Sydney Institute
Milkwood Permaculture

Other Permie Groups

 Permaculture Sydney
 Permaculture Sydney South
 Permaculture Sydney West
 Permaculture Sydney City and Eastern Suburbs
 Permaculture Central Coast
 Permaculture Blue Mountains
 Permaculture Northern Beaches
 Permaculture Southern Highlands

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 PSN Facebook

Reusing, Sharing and Local Economies

 A list of loads of Collaborative Consumption schemes  Collaborative Consumption Type Schemes.pdf
 LETS (Local Energy Trading Scheme)
 ReUse It Network

Like Minded Organisations 

 Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
 Youth Food Movement
 Sustainable Population Australia
 Beyond Zero Emissions
 Sydney City Farm
 Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network

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