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President's Piece February 2015

Welcome to 2015!

A new year brings new possibilities and also a new President to the helm of Permaculture Sydney North. The organisation is in excellent shape after two years of Cat Dorey’s presidency and contributions of many members who volunteered for Management Committee jobs to keep the PSN going, providing many excellent events and education. Some of them will not continue in their roles in 2015, but they left their mark on the organisation. So many thanks to Cat, an efficient President and talented organiser; to Peter for hard work at Permabees and to Susan for her partnership efforts.

Speaking of education, it is my focus for 2015. First, I believe it is important to educate the public about permaculture movement. Many people still do not know about permaculture - this is a great opportunity for us to showcase the movement via promotional events, marketing in social media, open gardens and similar activities. Also, providing education for our members, enabling them to acquire valuable skills is what permaculture is all about: upskilling and supporting the permaculture community.

As you are aware, we have two PSN MC members who took on double workload due to lack of nominations from the membership: Diana Fletcher (Local Group Co-ordinator and VP) and myself (Living Skills activities and President). As an incorporated entity PSN has a legal obligation to have a President and a VP; unfortunately, we didn’t have anyone willing to take on these responsibilities, so Diana and myself stepped in to allow PSN to continue. However, I could not commit to staying for the whole year as a president role due to personal plans and workload.

A community organisation like ours can exist and flourish only if it receives help from within the membership. We need people contributing their time and skills to make PSN a vibrant, active community.
Please consider helping out and either support one of MC members or volunteer to take on the top jobs!

Hope to see you around in 2015 – as always, we will have great speakers for our monthly meetings, many working bees, workshops, field trips and mini-courses and all are welcome to participate and contribute!

Margaret Mossakowska
PSN President 2015


PNB Permaculture Photo Competition is Now Open!

Permaculture Northern Beaches (PNB) is holding a permaculture photo competition open to everyone to get the best and freshest, locally produced permaculture photos this side of the bridge.

This is your opportunity to contribute beautiful, rich imagery that can be used on our website and in printed material. Photos must be related to permaculture, ideally demonstrating a permaculture principle.

The top photos will be considered for inclusion in the 2016 Permaculture Principles calendar (subject to consideration). Other prizes to be announced.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the gallery, and submit your best shots. Observe and interact with your camera.

PSN Permabee Sunday 15 February 2015 - Mosman

PPSN's first Permabee is to assist Catherine ready her permaculture garden for opening as part of the Hidden Design Festival to be held in March.

The hidden DESIGN FESTIVAL is held on one weekend of the year revealing usually private gardens and outdoor spaces and showcases Sydney’s landscape designers. Catherine;s being the only Permaculture focused garden within the event will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the benifits of Permaculture.

The event supports the Children’s Hospital Foundation, funds raised go towards a redesign of the courtyard garden for the Children’s Hospital at Randwick.

We will be rebuilding several wicking beds, working on mini swales, as well as new planting in the front and rear of the garden.

Due to the small garden area, the permabee will be limited to a small number of participants.

If we can't fit you into this permabee, fear not there is plenty of room for everyone at the March permabee being held at the Karonga school, Epping.

PSN Monthly Meeting - Monday 16 February 2015

Birds in the Backyard - Holly Parsons

 Come to the first PSN meeting in 2015 and celebrate the start of a new year full of permaculture opportunities. Meet old friends, make new ones, listen to an interesting talk, check out the library and recycled goods table and stay for supper.

Our guest speaker will be Holly Parsons, the manager of Birds in Backyards( Hers is going to be a fascinating talk for everyone who would like to integrate birds into their garden’s ecosystem or to know more about birds living around us.

Our guest speaker will be Holly Parsons, the manager of Birds in Backyards( Hers is going to be a fascinating talk for everyone who would like to integrate birds into their garden’s ecosystem or to know more about birds living around us.

Further details are available here.


PSN: Ku-ring-gai Local Group Meeting -   Saturday 21 February 2015

All About Soils 

Last year people wanted to learn more about soil. Stephanie Robertson, has made a study of soil life, micro-organisms, compost and related matters. She teaches about soils in our Introduction to Permaculture course. She is happy to show us round her garden and talk about compost and what makes good soils, but because I feel our local experts often get “used up” a bit, I have boldly offered some payment in kind; i.e. I have suggested that we do an hours work for her In her garden, (while having a good look at her garden of course, and asking questions,) in exchange for a talk on soil and composting.

In between we will have a pleasant morning tea.

For further details and registration click here.

PSN Living Skills Workshop - Saturday 21 February 2014

Fermenting: Summer Vegetables and Cultured Drinks - Waverton 

If you missed the Winter Vegetables Fermenting session in August, you may want to come to a summer fermented foods workshop, this time on succulent tomatoes, crunchy gherkins and fizzy fruit drinks!

Take this opportunity to acquire fermenting skills to increase beneficial gut flora (that's bacteria and fungi) boosting body's immune system and relieving symptoms of some medical conditions.

Fermenting is a very old method of preserving surplus harvest. As the luscious summer vegetables ripen now, this is the best time to learn how to ferment them to make delicious tomato salsa, fermented gherkins and bubbly jun or kombucha.

Cultured drinks use fungal/bacterial starters to process sugars (such as lactose, fructose etc) in milk, sweetened tea and juices. Milk and water kefir as well as kombucha or jun are the most popular drinks you can make this way.
For further details and registration click here.

PSN Hornsby Local Group Meeting - Sunday 01 March 2015

    All About Propagation

    Celebrate Jenny Robertshaw has offered to host our March get together.
    Anyone who has been to one of Jenny’s meetings will know how popular they are so early registration will ensure a spot.

    The topic is on propagation.
    You will be learning when the best times to propagate are and what the best ways are.

    We will delve into propagation mediums used and types of propagation methods,

    e.g. cuttings, division and seed (plus the different types of seeds and how to prepare them.

    PSN Permabee Sunday 15 March 2015 - Epping

    For our March Permabee, PSN is returning to the wonderful Karonga school.

    The details for the permabee are being worked on at the moment, with the event being updated with details shortly,

    For more details and registration click here.


    Living Skills co-ordinator!

    It is all about sharing the knowledge and learning new skills! I am happy to announce the start of 2015 Living Skills program with a Fermented Food workshop in February, followed by two mushroom-picking trips in March and April.

    If you would like to learn a particular skill or share what you can do, please let me know via the Living Skills email:

    As always, keep checking the Events page on the PSN website for new

    Living Skills workshops or field trips. See you there!


    Searching for PSN Permabees for 2015

    Permabees are permaculture working bees where a group of people get together to complete a permaculture project in a day.

    If you have a Permaculture Plan and would like help in realising your dreams, we would love to assist.

    Maybe you need assistance to prepare your garden for International Permaculture Day (May 4th) or Sustainable House Day (Sept). We can also assist here as well.

    As they say, many hands make light work. Not only do you benefit from the members labour on the day, our members also benefit by gaining new skills and knowledge, as well as enjoying one another's company.

    PSN tend to do out Permabees on the 3rd Sunday of the month, however we are flexible to meet the needs of garden owners.
    The Garden Team can be contacted via email at to discuss opportunities to assist you.
    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Don't forget Facebook! 

    Our facebook page is rocking! It's an excellent place for finding out what's going on in and around our area in a broader context.

    You can interact with like minded permies to share ideas, pose questions, post interesting articles and find out what courses and events are happening in our region and around the world.


     2015 Permaculture Calendar Still Available

    These will be available to buy from $13 each at the November Lindfield meeting – limited stock so email Cat Dorey to book one now! 

    Organise your garden, your life and share your schedule with this permaculture calendar.

    Illustrating one of the twelve permaculture design principles for each month, gives you the time to absorb them. Each example includes and image and story of locally appropriate sustainable living and design. This year it includes a basic planting guide that can help yield more productive crops and healthier plants by planning your garden activities according to the moon phases.


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