Why Grow Your Own Food - or Buy Locally Grown Food?

Know what you’re eating - get control over what you eat, what’s in it and how it’s grown.

Enjoy fresher, tastier food in season - fresh food in season is better for you and tastes better.

Treat your food with respect - growing your own helps you to value your food & to waste less.

Stay healthy - fresher food has more vitamins, minerals, & enzymes, no insecticides, pesticides or artifical fertilisers.

Build community - share your knowledge and your harvests with your neighbours.

Support your community - get to know local producers and keep wealth in your own area.

Support local small-scale business - reduce the power of the large-scale multi-nationals.

Reduce ‘food miles’ - cut down the energy consumed in the transportation of food.

Save energy and natural resources - locally grown food wastes less energy, uses fewer resources.

Help create a better world!

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